Straight corners – Eel

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dining table Corner table coffee table Dining table
With Cross top
Corner table
With Cross top
Coffee table
With Cross top
200x90x76 80x80x40 100x100x40 200x90x76 80x80x40 100x100x40
220x90x76 90x90x40 110x110x40 220x90x76 90x90x40 110x110x40
200x100x76 120x120x40 200x100x76 120x120x40
220x100x76 120x80x40 220x100x76 120x80x40
240x100x76 130x80x40 240x100x76 130x80x40
260x100x76 140x80x40 260x100x76 140x80x40
280x100x76 150x80x40 280x100x76 150x80x40
300x100x76 160x80x40 300x100x76 160x80x40
220x110x76 220x110x76
240x110x76 240x110x76
260x110x76 260x110x76
280x110x76 280x110x76
300x110x76 300x110x76
240x120x76 240x120x76
260x120x76 260x120x76
280x120x76 280x120x76
300x120x76 300x120x76


Toscane Antic RAL9010 Pure Mat Outdoor Old white Mice Grey
Darc Coffee Black Sky Wenge Nature White Oak Dusk

Metalen poten

Metal Black Champagne RAL9010 Blue steel Grey